Berlin & ZEGG Community

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Berlin & ZEGG Community

It’s been a while since I posted… Been caught up in so many things that i don’t know were to begin. A personal note I want to share with you : Learn to prioritise your stuff. I am still learning and trying not to start so many things in the same time. It seems I can’t get anything to a finish. So, I will try to be more consistent in my posts and the updates on my portfolio. This site & blog is all about imagery and mood. I will not overwhelm you with my thoughts right now. I’ll take it slow this time, or at least I will try.

A few words about the experience I had in Germany. Well, I’m speechless actually. Germany, boy … a great and very well organised country and nation ( as seen from the plane ). Everything is so well organised and so well thought. Not a great place for me to live in, to be honest. I am more in the Carpe Diem way of life. That’s about what I saw for my short stay in Berlin. I was just sightseeing with three new friends from my country, Romania. We were involved with an Dream2Act project from the EU. We had the chance to take part in an awesome international gathering of people from Eco Villages and people that were interested in a different way of living. A sustainable way of living. You can find more about Eco Villages in the GEN website >> Click ! <<<

Yeah, so this thing which happen there was so overwhelming for me and for my way of seeing the world around me, that I can’t express it from top to bottom. So, if you are interested to find out more about this and what really happen there you are more then welcome to send me an email ( you’ll find it in the about section ) and I’ll get back to you.

Without more further info I’ll let you view the pics I took there.

Thanks for the interest and I’ll appreciate some feedback and why not some sharing with the people you think they are interested in this topic. Let’s connect, right ?


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