Brasov – may 2013

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Brasov – may 2013

Brasov … A truly European city . That’s how I saw it three years ago when i first visited. Returning here , for a wedding I photographed , I was again impressed by the way people spend their time , the architecture  of the city center and last but not least , the clean streets. Everything is very well organized and calculated .This are my thoughts after I spent two days here.

Friday, May 24 at 7 : 30, after a hearty breakfast , we got in the car my friend and colleague Julian. He had to solve a problem with a printer. If you believe me , I lost three hours in traffic  in Bucharest, given that it was raining outside . Here in the capital , the new fashion is to use your car as a umbrella so . . . One aspect that I noticed after a while the state in this city is that there are very few cars with more than two people in movement. I know it’s not good to generalize , but based on what I’ve seen in the last four years, big cities have turned a lot of people into ego centric type of personalities. I know that in a country with more rational people, when you go to work by car, you may take one or two colleagues with youif there are in your way.

We finally managed to leave the city and head to Brasov around 10:30 . After time spent in  traffic I could not believe how fast we got there . We arrived safely about 13, that’s 1 pm. We checked in a mansion close to the historical center of Brasov. I enjoyed the hospitality and how we were treatedby our host. Nice folks out there.

After a coffee , we went to explore more areas of Brasov. This is what I managed to come by.

Disclaimer: The reality I experience it’s a little twisted and quite loaded with personal interpretation, so I hope you’ll have the chance to visit Brasov, Romania, for yourselfs in order for you to get a good time and learn a lot of things.

I will let you check the gallery and after that maybe you’ll have the time to give some feedback. Thanks.


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