Above the clouds

Me: I am thinking about going to do a mountain hike tomorrow. Want to join ? Her: I don’t know what to say… we are like … i don’t know. Me: We’ll be back the same day. From Busteni, through Jepii Mici, at Babele, Caraiman Cross and back through Jepii Mari. Her: Ok. Me: Ok.   Conclusion … the most demanding, rewarding and the fastest hike ever.  Just do it.

NEW CRUSH – Hiking in the mountains.

This year was crazy. Really. I think I’ve lost all sense of direction and also managed to find new answers to some questions regarding life and some patterns in my behaviour.  2015 was and is a year that I consider to be a milestone in my life, because this year managed to bring the worse of a series of my fears to reality and also pushed me to the limit and made me see my weaknesess and strong sides of my personality. In 2015 I have fallen in love with the mountain side, here in Romania. To be honest, I …

Berlin & ZEGG Community

It’s been a while since I posted… Been caught up in so many things that i don’t know were to begin. A personal note I want to share with you : Learn to prioritise your stuff. I am still learning and trying not to start so many things in the same time. It seems I can’t get anything to a finish. So, I will try to be more consistent in my posts and the updates on my portfolio. This site & blog is all about imagery and mood. I will not overwhelm you with my thoughts right now. I’ll take …


No words to describe the London experience . . . just some photographs I snapped.

Transalpina & Transfagarasan

A selection of photographs from a trip to the country side, in Romania.  Hope you enjoy my photographs and also I will love it very much if you can leave a comment for feedback.

Sibiu & Fusion Festival

What is the definition of success ? What defines a successful man ? It’s something made up by our brains or is defined by those around us and what is socially accepted ? Lately I’ve experimented with these two questions and I putmy life into motion by the two perspectives. When I analyzed my actions and achievements through the eyes of a viewer, I realized that i am not a successful person . I don’t have much money,  properties , houses, cars or other ” accessories ” that come along with “success” . I didn’t choosed  for a career at …

Cluj Napoca & Electric Castle

There are some principles in life that guide everyone of us. These principles , convictions and beliefs dictate our daily behavior . When you leave aside everything you were told , when you simply ignore everything that you knew, something magical happens : your reality becomes different , you are open to all sorts of new things, you turn into a sociable person with a sense of adventure, ready to discover the world and know more.

Brasov – may 2013

Brasov … A truly European city . That’s how I saw it three years ago when i first visited. Returning here , for a wedding I photographed , I was again impressed by the way people spend their time , the architecture  of the city center and last but not least , the clean streets. Everything is very well organized and calculated .This are my thoughts after I spent two days here. Friday, May 24 at 7 : 30, after a hearty breakfast , we got in the car my friend and colleague Julian. He had to solve a problem …