NEW CRUSH – Hiking in the mountains.

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NEW CRUSH – Hiking in the mountains.

This year was crazy. Really. I think I’ve lost all sense of direction and also managed to find new answers to some questions regarding life and some patterns in my behaviour.  2015 was and is a year that I consider to be a milestone in my life, because this year managed to bring the worse of a series of my fears to reality and also pushed me to the limit and made me see my weaknesess and strong sides of my personality.

In 2015 I have fallen in love with the mountain side, here in Romania. To be honest, I never had an atracction to the mountain. I’ve been born and raised near the seaside and for me, summer is all about connecting with the waves and sun, drinking some cold drinks and feeling the sand beneath my feet.

Yeah, so this year, my flat mate, Mihai  dropped some pointers that he was going hiking in the mountains for two days. My need for escaping the melting city in the month of july made, made me said yes instantly. So it happend in saturday morning, about 10 am. We left Bucharest and headed for Busteni. There we followed Mihai to a mountain trail, to a camping area and for there forward it was only silence, fresh air and nice people whom we interected in our way to Malaiesti cottage.

After that we left for Omu peak and smiled wide when we had the most breath taking view i had in a long time.

Here are a series of photos taken in this trip.

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